Catagonia Prices  

High end service at an affordable price. 

We offer individual rooms in three different sizes, each with a multi-cat capacity (depending on the weight of your cats). For families with more than the maximum allowable occupancy (or for those very lucky pets!), we can convert our condos into Doubles (or more!) with lockable passageways connecting it to its neighboring condos.  In all cases, your cats will never come in physical contact with other family's cats.

                                                                                                *prices shown are per night      
    1 Cat  2 Cats 3 Cats 4 Cats 5 Cats 6 Cats

Cozy Condo  (4x4 ft, 8 ft tall) 

 $24  $32  ---  --- --- ---

Grande Condo  (4x8 ft, 8 ft tall)

 $32  $40  $48  $56 --- ---

Purrsidential Suite  (8x8 ft, 8 ft tall)

 $40  $48  $56  $64 $72 $80
                                                                                                                        *prices subject to change


Medication Administration  

     Pills   $5 per day, per pill
     Liquid  $5 per day 
     Insulin (mark syringes with sharpie)     $12 per day 
     Subcutaneous   $12 per day