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It's difficult to find a local small business that hasn't felt the dramatic economic impact of COVID-19. With boarding being our main source of revenue, the near complete halt in travel has been challenging at best. We know that our loyal customers will surely resume travel when safe, so we are offering deep discounts on pre-sale *Promo Store Credit* to be used on future boarding reservations, grooming appointments or retail. See below for details. You can purchase these online in your Customer Portal (under the My Accounts tab, click "Buy Store Credit") in store, or over the phone by calling 719-602-6081. Once you purchase your store credit, we will gift you additional credit based on your purchase amount. 

Buy $150 in store credit, get a free $15 store credit gift

Buy $300 in store credit, get a free $45 store credit gift

Buy $500 in store credit, get a free $100 store credit gift

Terms & Exclusions: Promo Store Credit never expires and it may be combined with the military discount for boarding. Must purchase before 4/30/2020, and valid for any boarding reservation or grooming appointment that begins on or after 7/1/2020, excluding holiday reservations (see below for date ranges). Promo Store Credit cannot be combined with long term reservation discounts. No limits to the amount of Promo Store Credit you wish to buy. May be used for retail. 


                                                                                                *prices shown are per night, prices subject to change      
    1 Cat  2 Cats 3 Cats 4 Cats 5 Cats 6 Cats

Cozy Condo  (4x4 ft, 8 ft tall) 

 $26  $34  ---  --- --- ---

Grande Condo  (4x8 ft, 8 ft tall)

 $34  $42  $50  $58 --- ---

Purrsidential Suite  (8x8 ft, 8 ft tall)

 $42  $50  $58  $66 $74 $82

                                                                                                                             *After 12pm pick-ups add $15 per family 



Medication Administration  

ALL medications and supplements must arrive in their original container with administration instructions clearly visible.  Medications are charged a flat daily rate, even if your cat gets multiple doses per day. Additional medications of a different type will be charged a separate flat daily rate. We do not charge for non-prescription dietary supplements like probiotics, CBD etc. that are simply added to food and not physically administered to the cat. 

     Pills   $5 per day
     Liquid  $5 per day 
     Transdermal (Ear gel)   $5 per day
     Inhaler   $5 per day
     Insulin (mark syringes prior to check-in)     $12 per day 
     Subcutaneous fluids  $12 per day


Boarding Cancellation Policy

All reservations require a non-refundable deposit.  

  • Non-holiday reservations require a $25 deposit.
  • Holiday reservations require a $50 deposit.

What are the "holidays"?  If any one of your reservation's nights includes the following dates, holiday deposit standards apply: 

  • Thanksgiving 2020:  November 23rd - 29th  
  • Christmas 2020:  December 22nd to 28th 

*See Grooming page or FAQ page for grooming cancellation policy*


Catagonia Cat Hotel, Ltd. 

4703 Centennial Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

(719) 602-6081

eFax: (719) 425-2593


Pick-up and drop off hours by appointment only:



7 DAYS A WEEK:   8am - 10am &  5pm-7pm


Mid-day boarding and grooming appointments are available with prior coordination, Mon-Fri only. Please email or call to coordinate. We appreciate your understanding!  



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