In-Home Cat Behavior Consultation

Cats and humans can live together happily but there are situations that can upset the harmony.  Cats that are getting their needs met and have a cat friendly environment will generally accommodate our house rules.  If they display destructive behavior, soil the house, are aggressive to family or other pets, help is available. Most of these situations will not resolve without human intervention and they may get worse and more difficult to manage the longer the behavior exists.  You can train your cat to stay off your counter, play gently, even walk on a harness.  


If you would like to change your cat's behavior but don't know how, then get help from Melissa Shandley.  Melissa is a Fear Free Certified Professional who can help you understand your cat's behavior and show you how to improve your relationship.  She's the Jackson Galaxy of Colorado Springs!  Her $150 consults include:

  1.  An extensive in-home evaluation
  2.  A written treatment plan customized to your needs
  3.  Access to her advice for 4 weeks as you implement the plan 

Trips to the vet don't have to be a nightmare.  You CAN have nice furniture.  You CAN invite friends over without worrying about the cat smells.  You CAN sleep through the night without cat disturbances.  No more cat scratches to cover up. Anticipating a move, baby, new pet, or other life altering event?  Prepare your cat so they can take it in stride and not get stressed.  Here are some of the most common areas of improvement: 


  • Litter box reliability
  • New cat introduction 
  • Destructive behavior stopped 
  • Shy cat socialization 
  • Environmental enrichment 
  • Low stress grooming 
  • Fear free nail trims
  • Leash & harness training 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Nutrition optimized 
  • Baby introduction 
  • Dog & cat socialization 
  • Play protocols 
  • Aggression resolution 
  • Cozy carrier training 
  • DIY Interactive feeder
  • Catio design 
  • Home Catification 
  • Calming support 
  • And more... 

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Feline Behavior Consultation

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