We are Colorado Springs' luxury feline hotel designed for cats, and cats only.  We provide an affordable, clean, quiet and spacious environment where cats can relax in peace in their elevated perches, nap in a sky box, explore their towering catwalks, or even just hide away in their private, floor to ceiling rooms.  We do it for the cats!  With Catagonia Cat Hotel, your vacation will become theirs too. 

Individualized Care

Despite popular belief, we know that no two cats are alike. Tell us about your cat’s personality, preferences and medical needs when you book online, and our care professionals will provide just what’s right.

Home Pick-up & Drop Off

Let us take one thing off your plate as you prepare for your big business trip or vacation. We’ll provide safe and timely transportation on both or either ends of your cat’s stay, and at times that fit YOUR schedule.

Our Philosophy

Catagonia is for the cats & for YOUR peace of mind.  Realizing that the pet service industry often overlooks cats in long term boarding accommodations, Catagonia Cat Hotel strives to provide an experience for both cats and cat owners that is second to none.  Typical cat kennels are entirely too cramped, they're shared with barking dogs and all too often, cats come home sick from the stress (it's a real problem).  Our spacious, catified condos are a cat utopia (just ask them!), and our staff provides the attention and care that fits each cat's needs.              


Catagonia Cat Hotel, Ltd. 

4703 Centennial Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

(719) 602-6081


eFax: (719) 425-2593


Pick-up and drop off hours by appointment only:

M - F:  7am - 6pm

Sat: 8am - 11am

Sun: 5pm - 8pm 


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